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Whip It Good

Many know Michael ‘Whip’ Wilton as Queensryche’s legendary founder and lead guitarist. But this Seattle-bred renaissance man is full of hidden brewing skills.

Wilton’s partnership with Northwest Brewing caught our eye but it was his enthusiasm and knowledge of craft beer that drew us in. And after crushing several cans of his Whip Pale Ale, I can tell you the rocker behind hits like Queen of the Reich and Silent Lucidity makes a damn good beer.

Tight and clean with earthy licks of refreshing citrus, Whip slides across the palate like water. Dual purpose high alpha Simcoe and Nugget Hops are bold choices for a Pale and Wilton uses their herbal, conifer sparks to build a refreshing brew you just can’t leave alone. Deft additions of Cascade lend hints of grapefruit rind to augment the bone-dry bitter.

Wilton is a Washington native and his knowledge of the region shows in his choice of hops – his rock ‘n’ roll history is revealed in what he does with them. Much like his grace with a guitar, Wilton demonstrates his approach to brewing is all about the artistry.

Whip has already generated extreme interest – we’ve been inundated with emails about this beer for weeks as Wilton’s fans clamor to get their hands on it. It’s evident this rock legend is ready to put his own unique stamp on the brewing world.

30 IBUs; 5.5%ABV

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Available in these states, WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO, OH and soon VA.

Get Whipped.