2007 All Access


Broome County Arena
Binghamton, NY
Sept 5th 2007
Well here we are at the beginning of this monstrosity, Heaven and Hell & Alice Cooper. Both have full headline sets. The going is slow, and there are problems with both sound and lights. We got a closet for a dressing room because each guy in H&H has their own dressing room. When it gets time to play, there are more delays. Our crew has five minutes to set up and we are late to perform. It is a major cluster fuck up. Our crew is scattered, the tour manager tells us, could we please cut our set to thirty minutes. With a frown we say ok. Out we go for the first song and the main lights are still on. UGGGH!!! Well, the show must go on. We did the best we could considering the circumstances. Afterwards, everybody loved the show. “Why thirty minutes?” from everyone. The H&H crew commend us and say they will make it up to us down the line.


Ram’s Head
Baltimore, MD
Sept 6th 2007
After last nights show I needed to clear my mind. So since we were in downtown Baltimore I called and found a Bally’s where I could go sweat it all out. It was the first QR headliner, so we soundchecked on a lot of songs. The show was going great until the end when my amp started cutting out and making weird noises. Finally on “Silent Lucidity” it died. So we had to call the show off at the last two songs. After the show I got hammered and let my tech Geno have it. The M&G was fine, I met some cool QR fan that gave me a new bracelet to wear on stage.


Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, CT
Sept 7th 2007
When I awoke in the parking lot, I could here music coming from nearby. I got a text that “Shadows Fall” was playing and were going to check out our show. We basically watched movies and I worked on music on my G4 laptop. The start of the show was daylight outside. So when Stone and I walk out to the center of the stage, it is anti-climatic. I have a flawless show which is what I needed from last nights show. During H&H I went to the side of the stage to watch a few tunes. It was so fucking loud that I had to leave after 1 song. I went back to our dressing room and Eddie was having a party/disco. A bunch of long time friends were whooping it up. We had a great time then it was hit the road time.


Jones Beach Amph.
Wantagh, NY
Sept 8th 2007
A sunny day at Jones Beach which is always nice, a bit breezy but not to bad. I just hung out all day watching the show go up and all that it intakes. As well as setting up my portable pro tools studio in an old dingy dressing room. A few showed up that were from company’s that I endorse. I finally talked to Geezer Butler in the Jones Beach tunnel. The show started and a nice warm breeze was blowing. It was still sunny as well. By the 4th song the sun began to set. We received a great reaction from the crowd. Afterwards, it was a yahoo fest, shaking hands with all the local stars. We completely drank all the beer in the backstage area.


Tweeter Centre
Mansfield, CT
Sept 9th 2007
I watched football all day and wrote songs on my Pro Tool rig. The show was great, so was the crowd. They sure love the hits. Afterwards we met some really cool QR fans. I hung out for a while, nothing to crazy. A very cool day.


Sept 10th 2007
Golf day with Edbass & Chuckbass from Alice Cooper, and Big Joe and Vince. We all crushed the ball all day. I rode with Big Joe and at the 10th hole we had picked up some snacks and all of a sudden a gang of squirrels began following us. We were putting on the 10th green when we noticed our golf cart was infested with squirrel’s eating our pretzels. I ran like a Crazed Madman with my arms flailing in the air. I think I scared the shit out of them, because they never bothered us again. Afterwards, it was party central at the tavern at the hotel. It was bonding time with the Alice Cooper boys. We went to Hooters that was located behind the hotel. It was Keri Kelli’s birthday so we got him well intoxicated. We joked and had fun thru the wee hours.


Sovereign Center
Reading, PA
Sept 11th 2007
I woke up feeling a bit fragmented from the night before. Nothing some coffee and a few Red Bulls throughout the day will not cure. The show started and the lights were still on! Why does this always happen to us? The show was like clockwork. The Ping Floyd song got a great reaction. Afterwards I met some hardcore Ryche fans. I bragged about the Seahawks and I got a mouthful. It was all fun.


Millennium Center
Winston Salem, NC
Sept 12th 2007
I woke up to a beautiful sunny day. It was a casual day out writing and walking around the town. I got a message that an old school buddy was going to the show and wanted to say hello to me. He actually built me some furniture back in the day. I had the best dam pork barbeque in the world. This guy slow cooked it all day. The show went great, but I went into one of the wrong songs. All by myself, OOOOOPS! MY BAD!! After the show was cool, then relaxed in the perfect evening temperature outside the bus with some fans.


Roxy Theatre
Atlanta, GA
Sept 13th 2007
Atlanta started out as a heavy rainy day. The humidity factor was quite high. We tried a few different songs in the set. I think it worked better. The stage was quite noisy. After the show at the M&G I ran into a CBS Sprint dude. We went to a bar around the corner, and hung out with the college crowd. I was fortunate to see some festive girls French kissing each other. Did a couple shots with the local band, then it was off down the road.


St. Petersburg Times Forum
Tampa, FL
Sept 14th 2007
Golfed with some friends and Edbass and Chuck from Alice Cooper. It was a golf course at Macdill Air force Base. It was way too hot and it was like golfing on the sun. We stopped after 9 holes. I shot a 45, not bad. At the shows beginning, Stone and I walked on stage with the house lights still on. Lame. Then after the 4th song, the P.A. went out. So we had to delay the show for 5 minutes. Then we came back for the rest of the set. Afterwards I hung out with Chris Jericho the wrestler. Then went to a bar where all the waitress’s were wearing Soulbender shirts. Very cool. Then I ended up at the Hooter’s across from the venue. I talked with Ripper Owens by phone about doing some Soulbender tunes.


Bank Atlantic Center
Sunrise, FL
Sept 15th 2007
Finally a killer show and all the lights ran on schedule, and the sound all worked. Afterwards, partied with Nicko Mcbrain from Iron Maiden and his funny wife. Also, Malmsteen was there with his drummer. The Cooper boys stayed late so we partied it up. We blasted some of the new covers, for a few. We also took some photo’s for Hit Parader Magazine.


Amway Arena
Orlando, FL
Sept 16th 2007
The hottest of the three days in Florida. A super stellar show. Afterwards, hugs with Whiptresses and partied with some fan club members and some friends. I am ready for a day off. Smoked a cigar then off down the road.


Travel Day
Orlando, FL – Cleveland, OH
Sept 17th 2007
Somewhere in North Carolina, a nice day off. I got caught up on all my internet. Had a good meal, then got back on the bus for the rest of the long ride.


House of Blues
Cleveland, OH
Sept 18th 2007
The Whip is feeling a bit whipped after the super long bus ride. I got a phone call from Ripper Owens. He said he was coming to the show. Then Nick Cantanese from Black Label Society showed up with his family. We decide to add a song from “Take Cover” album "Synchronicity 2". The show ends up being almost 2 hours. Afterwards we hooked up with Ripper and Nick and exchanged emails. The M&G was very cool. Hooked up with some cool fans and had some laughs before our 1 a.m. bus call.


Darien Lake PAC
Darien Center, NY
Sept 19th 2007
An early morning radio show in Rochester New York. It is a talk radio show with a sarcastic DJ and 12 listeners. We engage in bizarre talk segments and play 2 songs then get the hell out of there. A blazing hot day and the amusement park next door is not open. I am a little sore from the 2 hour set the night before. We do our (a) set in the daylight and have a excellent set. Afterwards, we do our M&G and mingle with some of the fans from the radio show that morning. Then afterward Edbass set up his disco and we partied till it was time to leave.


Copps Coliseum
Hamilton, ONT
Sept 20th 2007
A lovely awakening at the Canadian border, I guess around 3 or 4 a.m. . Our dressing room was at the end of the venue. It looked like a wood paneled den from the show Twin Peaks. We had some real fine looking security girls. Some even talked with us. The show was a breeze. We got quite a decent reception from the Canadian audience. After the show we met some cool Rycher fans. Then we went and drank Canadian beer for the rest of the night and partied with some of the security guards.
Back to America with no hassle at all… Ya, had you fooled. We sat in a small room with those crappy florescent lights for about a ½ an hour with some interesting people. They searched our bus and then we were off. We stopped at the tool booth and the patron said that someone in the car in front of us paid our toll. We caught up to them and it was 2 cute Rycher chicks. We blew some thank you kisses and we are on our way.


Fort Wayne, ID
Sept 21st 2007
I remember playing this place a few tours ago. They made some improvements but it still was a bar. The place was packed and it was hot as hell and Smokey too. I was dripping with sweat so bad that my fingers were slipping all over my guitar neck. I actually got a little light headed from all the smoke. I saw plenty of the usual hardcore Rychers in the audience.
The after show winners were pretty fucked up. I remember posing with one dude and he fell backwards into some bushes. There was one strange fella that said he wife was the Original Sister Mary. And a few people were calling me Chris.


Sears Centre
Hoffman Estates, IL
Sept 22nd 2007
The Hoffman Center is kind of out in the middle of nowhere so I grabbed the Alice Cooper band room and set up my studio and wrote music all day. The show was killer and we had a great audience. The Pink Floyd tune went over amazingly. After the M&G I did the party thing for a while then I ran into a good friend who invited me to go to a bar nearby for some beer and shoot some pool. When we got there the place was pumping with rockers. They looked a little strange to me. When I got to the bar some fans came up to me. I asked what was going on they said it was a Queensryche tribute party! I was shocked! I kindly pounded my drink then gave the eye! it was time to go. We all laughed back to the venue. Partied with the boys, then I was cooked for the evening.


Family Arena
St. Charles, MO
Sept 23rd 2007
This was just a plain recovery kick ass performance day. Otherwise nothing crazy happened.


Travel Day
St. Charles, MO – Denver, CO
September 24th 2007
Our day off we were invited to the Alice in Chains/Velvet Revolver show. I went with a bunch of the H&H crew. When we got there I went straight to the stage right and Takumi, Jerry Cantrell tech to let me watch from his station which is the same side as Slash. I checked out all their gear. The weather took a turn for the worst. It started raining and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. During the AIC show I switched some of my Whip guitar picks with Jerry’s picks. He came to do a guitar change and grabbed one of my picks. Looked at it and said “cool”! After their show me and Eddie partied with Shawn Kinney and Mike Inez. They got me an AIC sweatshirt because I was freezing. We did some shots of Crown. Then Jerry came back and I chatted with him for a while, then we took a promo shot with their band. I watched most of Velvet Revolver then my trusty tech Geno suggested that I head back to the hotel because I had a 6:45 wake up call. I agreed as I could smell sin in the air.


Coors Amphitheatre
Denver, CO
Sept 25th 2007
A brutal early morning wake up that was not much fun for me. Stone was hating it with his tooth and almost had to cancel the radio appearance. So we drove in morning traffic across town and set up to record in the radio station studio. We had to put a garbage can next to Stone in case he heaved. The recording was amazing and the interview was funny. The Denver show was outside and the weather was in our favor. I had a fun killer show. After the show I watched the whole Sabbath show from Tony’s side. They had a great show. I carried one of the signs for the song "Elected." for Alice Cooper.


Big Easy
Boise, ID
Sept 27th 2007
I had 2 acoustic shows all through the day, a bit of a burn out but it was fun. Our limo driver was dressed like Paul Revere. Apparently he is Kevin Spacey’s brother. The show was a fun good time with the local rock crowd. Only a few fights broke out this time and they enjoyed the show. The after show was mellow but some long time Rychers were there!


Reno Events Center
Reno NV
Sept 28th 2007
It has been a while since we we’ve been to Reno so it was good to be back in this strange crazy town. I ran into a lot of old school QR fans. They haven't seen any of the recent tours, so they were excited to see the Ryche again.
The show kicked major ass, I had a great time. The crowd wanted more and we would of given it. Afterwards we talked with QR fan club people and they said we sounded awesome. After that I managed to escape to some casino that had a crazy bar. I met up with Alice Cooper’s bass player Chuck. It was his birthday or something and his whole crazy family was there. They had open mic and someone from his family got up on stage and did some crazy dancing and headbanging. There were a host of crazy people in the bar. People were spilling beer and drinks all over the place. I remember having to get Edbass out of there because some drunk guy tried to kiss him on the dance floor. A fright almost broke out. Whew! Close call!


Konocti Harbor
Kelseyville, CA
Sept 29th 2007
It was a beautiful day at the resort/concert place by the lake. They said it was going to be cold at night so we were prepared with fingerless gloves. We had no dressing room so they put us out in a room where the fans were hanging. We did an pre-show acoustic performance in the dinner theater with a bunch of pre medicated fans and contest winners. I remember being called Chris a few times!
Our show was the last of the concert season that year. We played a good show and I barely remember breaking a sweat. Afterwards we had a Meet & Greet of all proportions. Then it was off to a private QR party in one of the cabins. I got a little out of control but kept my worldly composure. I remember watching and listening to H&H as they echoed through the resort. Luckily my tech Geno rescued me from the hardcore QR party goers!


Sleep Train Amph
Concord, CA
Sept 30th 2007
I called my Aunt and Grandma who live in Walnut Creek not to far from Concord. My Father was also in town. He said he wanted to see Alice Cooper. I chilled out in the Sun and then went to the dressing room to watch some football on TV. It was a great semi-hometown greeting. People were standing for the whole show. Afterwards we had a cheery M&G. Then feeling a little haggard from the night before, I went to get my stuff from the dressing room. When I opened the door to our tiny room, Edbass was having a disco party, so I partied for a bit and said goodbye.


Selland Arena
Fresno, CA
Oct 2nd 2007
It was good to play this city, everything went smooth and we played a great show. I signed a lot of autographs that day because I was hanging out by the busses in the parking lot. Everyone was a little toasted after the show. So the Whip, thoroughly whipped, went to the bus early.


Canyon Club
Agoura Hills, CA
Oct 3rd 2007
Another damn sunny day. I was scheduled to do an ESP signing in Hollywood at the Sam Ash store. My driver was late picking me up but got me there pretty close to on time. I asked him if he will be able to get me back to the sound check in time. He said no way. UH OH!
When I got there, Stephen from the Deftones was already there but no George Lynch! I told my ESP guys I had to bolt fairly soon. A 1/2 hour later George arrives then decides to eat a sandwich. I told him to hurry then they brought us downstairs to a table with microphones? It was a damn press conference. I signed my stuff and answered questions for 20 minutes, and then I had to go. I barely made it back to sound check. The show was great and the crowd was a good looking crowd. I saw some old friends afterwards. Then we had to split early for a long drive.


Anselmo Valencia Amph
Tucson, AZ
Oct 4th 2007
We had an acoustic show all the way on the other side of town. It was the same place we had been before. We had a good time then it was back for a 45 minute drive to the venue. The show was great and the after show was as usual. You played too short!! We have heard that the whole H&H tour.


Pearl Concert Theater
Las Vegas, NV
Oct 5th 2007
When we arrived in Las Vegas it was windy as hell. This was to be a show just with H&H. We were whisked off to a radio station for a final acoustic performance of the tour. We all were feeling fatigued to the utmost degree. When we got back to the venue, I set up my practice amp and jammed till show time. We were getting ready and there was no sign of Geoff. He had gone to dinner with his wife and disappeared. There was a major panic. Then someone found him in his hotel room and whisked him down to get ready. We went on late then had to cut the Pink Floyd song. Afterward some wild QR fans made a reservation at the Playboy Club in the Palms Hotel. I was escorted up to the club by a lovely bunny! Inside was not what I thought it was just a noisy bar with waitresses dressed in bunny outfits. Still, I partied like a rock star to the wee hours. Ran into guitarist Jake E. Lee. Then stumbled back to the bus.


Verizon Wireless Amph.
Irvine, CA
Oct 6th 2007
I chilled out during the day getting pictures with all the other band members. And said hello to all the usuals. We had a pre show M&G. This was probably the best show of the tour. Everything for everyone went right. Afterwards it was party central. I whooped it up, and hung out with H&H guitarist Toni Iommi. That made my night.

Cheers to a great experience and tour!



Japan 2007


Japan was a whirlwind for the Whip. Every day off travel day was a clinic or in store for ESP. The Tokyo ESP owns 17 buildings in the city. They are a credited college for kids that want to learn to teach music or learn the copyright business, become a luthier or just learn the bass and guitar. The Nagoya and Osaka schools are smaller in size but The kids are very energetic. I ate local delicousies and got my fill of udon and yakatori chicken. I met so many cool fans and received many small gifts. I know have a few Japanese friends on myspace.