2006 All Access

Saturday August 26th 2006
House of blues
Lake Buena Vista, FL

After a good nights sleep I wake up and look at my schedule and notice that I have a guitar clinic today. I warm up and wait until 12:00 to call my ESP guitar rep. I get a hold of his cell as he is on the golf course in LA and he says that it has been cancelled do to lack of time to advertise. Oh well, I am a little bummed but whatever. The gig today is all set up from the night before so you would think everything is cool and ready to go. Much to my dismay I found out that one of my new amps just blew a fuse. I tell my tech to route everything to the other amp and we do simple successful sound check. Later he has to locate a proprietary fuse because it is a German made amp. The Mindcrime set goes great until my new acoustic 12- string debut of The Mission. I did the unimaginable, I start playing and no sound comes out, I look at our monitor engineer and he hold his hands up which means “it’s not me” I figure it is the guitar cable but no, I forgot to turn the volume up!!! Stimpy you idiot!!! The rest of the set was smoking! The MC2 set goes better than the night before by half. The encore was another story. My tech got the wireless packs mixed up so I totally botched the intro. Poor Stone had stand out there with his dick in the wind for over a minute while I got my situation together. We ended with Jet City Woman and the audience ate it up. The aftershow was cool; I met some dude who has my same Birthday…Freaky! After I


Tuesday August 29th 2006

I found out today that the Atlanta guitar clinic was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. At the sound check Geno my tech and I got the rig firing 100%. Stone also resolved his issues. The problem we have been having is that everyone is on a wireless signal and everyone is using frequencies that are fairly close together. Morgan the drummer of Sevevdust showed with his girlfriend and some dudes. They drank all our beer!!! The show was killer. The music is so tight it is like we are playing in the studio. After the show I met up with my cousin and his friend. At the meet and greet I was questioned heavily about Whiptresses. There were a couple there but I did not have a camera…bummer! I met with an artist named Matt Hughes. We talked about Soulbender and doing the next album cover. He has some very cool work on his web site
Check it out.


Wednesday August 30th 2006
Saenger Theater
Mobile, AL

Guess what the weather was like? Frickin hot! I played some skynard on my ipod. The day was going smooth when we found out Pamela was heaving everywhere. Our tour manager had to take her to the emergency room. Apparently she was hooked up to an IV and laid out on a bed. No Pamela Moore for the show!!! We had to alter the set. Geoff made an announcement to the crowd before the show. I thought the crowd was excellent. Definitely one of the better theater crowds I’ve seen. We decided to play a 4 song encore and the Alabama audience ate it up.  After the show everyone was so cool and supportive. Later that night we stopped by the hospital and picked Pammy up.


Thursday August 31st 2006
Ruth Eckered Hall
Clearwater, FL

Back once again to the great sounding room at Eckerd hall. I hooked up with big Ray. He invited me to go hang out with this lady who trains monkeys but I decided to set my recording rig up and lay down some song ideas. The next thing I know Robin Zander of Cheap Trick was out in the hallway. I immediately got my camera and took a picture with him. Then I chatted for a while and met his Wife and little daughter who was taking music lessons next to the venue. I helped her with some basic music theory then they were off. The show was awesome plus it sounded incredible on stage. After the show I was hanging out with some dudes from Ddrums and Dean guitars. Then I met Wes from Porcupine Tree. When I got to the bus I forgot to tell my tech that I had an acoustic show in the morning. Stimpy…you idiot!!! The tour manager had to make some phone calls to arrange a guitar for me. Hopefully I will be handled.


Friday September 1st 2006
Pompano beach Amphitheater
Pompano Beach, FL

7:00 am came way too fast for me. I was downing red bull and coffee to stay awake. When I went outside I heard the rumbling of Harley Davidsons coming around the corner. We were greeted by a motorcycle gang of about a dozen true rebels dressed in black leather. GT and Stone took off with them and I went with the radio dudes. I got to the clear channel building and went straight to the performance room to check out the loaner acoustic guitar. It was a nice sounding Ovation with semi decent string action. They had an actual monitor for us to play through. Normally when we do these things they just shove us in and we can’t hear the way it is going out to the airwaves. The whole motorcycle gang came in and sat down then about 40 fans made there way in as well. The two radio dudes came in and sat in recliners and proceeded to hype the early morning crowd. We performed and I thought it sounded pretty cool. Every one was happy and then I made my way back to the venue while Stone and GT went on their Buells for a ride. I dropped into my bunk for a couple more hours of sleep. Then I had an appointment with IK Multimedia for a product called Amplitube 2.0. It was cancelled because the dude was still in New York for VMA awards. Oh my god was it humid!!! And the clouds were coming are way. Sound check was delayed for a half hour due to squall like rain. When we started the show it was still raining but not that hard. Most of the crowd had ponchos. I had a rowdy bunch in front of me that were having a good time in the rain. Afterwards we did the M & G then I talked with some Soulbender fan club people. The gang came


Saturday September 2nd 2006
The Florida Theater
Jacksonville, FL

The winds of college football were in the streets of downtown Jacksonville; some were gator fans some were not. The dressing room was up four flights of stairs so I got plenty of exercise that day. The show went well musically as usual. The crowd was a bit reserved for a Saturday night but as long as they are standing and screaming at the end of each set I am cool with that. The aftershow was enthusiastic as I recognized some faces from the past. A lot of Soulbender questions as usual. As this was gig 5 of a six in a row everyone was beginning to feel it, can you say Ibuprophan.


Monday June 12th 2006
Helsinki, Finland

We were greeted at the airport by many fans, which is something we don’t see anymore these days. I talked to some of the dudes and they said that we had not been to Helsinki in 18 years!!! Needless to say they had a lot of stuff to sign. Some of the guys were not even going to the show because they could not afford it…that’s a crime! When we arrived at the gig there were young kids sitting at the front door. I thought to myself, is there another band playing here but no they were wearing Queensryche shirts. I think they were around 16-18 years old. I had flashbacks to when I was young waiting in line for rock concerts; now those were the party days!!!
I ran into our old monitor guy from the Q2k tour. He disappeared and married a Finnish girl and now lives here. At the sound check we had wireless problems with the rented gear, also the room was a bit boomy. We whisked to the hotel, which was by a seaport so the air smelled very fresh and invigorating. The show was a great one but I am still not comfortable with my sound. Every Marshall amp sounds different and it takes some time and patience to get used to. We met some really cool fans then afterwards we watched the world cup soccer and drank a some beers.


Sunday September 3rd 2006
House of blues
North Myrtle Beach, SC

I am back at the gig with the giant humping turtles and domesticated alligators. The view from the deck balcony is a perfect view to watch the gators then I see stone on his motorcycle pulling wheelies across the parking lot. The crowd was a crazy southern bunch partying it up and the HOB floor was packed for a Sunday and I had some cool young metal kids in front of me banging with me and putting some of the older fans to shame. Right behind them there was this girl swaying back and forth giving me some nasty looks. I think I saw her fall at least three times and this one dude kept picking her up off the floor so she could see the show. The encore brought the crowd to frenzy. Breasts were out for Jet City woman right in front of me. What a way to end a 6 in a row. I had myself a much deserved RBV.


Wednesday June 14th 2006
Terra Vibe
Athens Greece

The Terra Vibe is a 1500 seat hall where the back stage dressing room is up a set of skinny steep wooden stairs. The dressing room was tiny and very stuffy. I Finally got a rental Marshall with some big balls. The wireless rentals were cool but I had too many dropouts. I went back to the hotel and had some killer Greek food. When I got back to the venue it was packed like sardines. The show started and the crowd went crazy singing the intro to Anarchy X then even louder for Revolution calling, I swear they were louder than the PA!!! This was definitely the best crowd of the tour. I had a great show and all my stomp box effect pedal changes went smoothly. The after show was insane! There was a flock of super enthusiastic fan club members. We went back to the hotel and went up to the roof top bar for nightcap. We had a excellent view of the acropolis all lit up in its splendid glory. Our soundman Matt had one of his girlfriends with him from Athens and she said she was going to be on the next foreign Survivor TV show. So I gave her one of my new line of Whipwear baby doll shirts. She promised to wear it on one of the Survivor episodes and I am sure she will look incredible!!! Pretty soon it was 2:00 am and we had a 6:00am lobby call. No rest for the wicked!!!


Wednesday September 6th 2006
Uptown theater
Kansas city, MO

Another early morning wake up for some radio acoustic gig at a classic rock station. We were wheeled in and out with a quick on the spot version of Silent Lucidity. The show was at a nice theater and the crowd was very good. At the after show I met some cool bikers and signed some guitars.


Thursday September 7th 2006
The Pageant
ST. Louis, MO

The show was in a questionable neighborhood so I did not walk around to far. In the catering area there is a bunch of 8 x 10’s of bands with the owner. We were up there from a couple of years ago. The crowd was great and we kicked ass. My darling cousin from Dallas flew in for the show. That definitely made my night. More Soulbender cd’s to sign and more tour questions. Can you feel the metal?


Friday September 8th 2006
Orpheum Theater
Madison, WI

The day starts out with a WIBA acoustic performance. This time they had a technician that knew what he was doing and gave us a good mix to perform 4 songs live. Then next up was my first ESP guitar clinic at Good and Loud music. This big dude named slim picked me up and supplied me with Red bull. I did a sound check and everything worked great. The owner Chris took great care of me but told me that the advertising was a bit late and that they had advertised the other stores address. Oh well, I did not mind if it would be an intimate setting. I performed for about an hour and a half then took questions and signed autographs. The stage at the Orpheum was a bit bizarre being 13 feet high and the balcony level being so close you could probably jump to the stage with no problem. The show was cool except I was either looking down or looking up. After the show I met with my friend Greg Red and his guest. Also, I talked with Jim Harwood and Kitee.


Saturday September 9th 2006
St Paul, MN

Wow…it was cold and I did not bring a jacket or even a sweatshirt! I went to a pre function at the nearby hotel and hung out with ML my web dude and a bunch of QR fans. The show was awesome and the crowd was excellent. I had a great rowdy bunch in front of me. The after show was held in a private bar and it was packed. I literally rubbed (bumped) in to a few and one was the girl on my Myspace page. The rbv’s were flowing and the Whip got a few whiptress pictures. Next I hooked back up with ML at the hotel and we basically partied from room to room like to metal balls in a pinball machine. It was a long fun night.


Thursday September 14th 2006

House of blues

Chicago, IL

I walked around Chicago all day and had a great time. What a cool city to be in when it is a nice day. The sound check went well as we rehearsed songs for the New York City hard rock special show. During our show I had these guys in front of me that were lighting up joints and talking one toke then putting them out then throwing them to me by my pedal board. When I picked them up they would cheer with a fury. I had a lot of nice looking whiptresses to view on my side. After the show I met Mackenzie Phillips from the TV show “one day at a time” as well as a bunch of cool fan club Rychers. The after hour parties were flowing as bounced from room to room but I had to retire early for an early morning radio show.



Friday September 15th 2006
House Of Blues
Chicago, IL

Today was a wide-awake early morning acoustic carnival at the Mancow show. We were all a bit foggy but managed to get 1-½ songs out of the 1-hour that we were there. The half was Silent Lucidity where he cut us off right before my solo. The rest of the show was about poisoned bagged spinach, cheating husband actors and insane sound effect noises. Next was a QR breakfast event were we sat with fans at there assigned tables…very strange!!! But I have to say I met a lot of interesting fans, some were hurting from the night before worse than we were. The most unique were the two military ballistic missile tester dudes…that’s right, they have their fingers on the buttons!!! I then went to my room for a much needed power snooze. The show went amazingly well for me. I had my two military buddies in front of me with an eye candy girl giving me the metal all night. The aftershow was intense as I was invited to a few after hour parties back at the hotel but first it was to the foundation room for a round with promoter Gary Buck who was feeling no pain. I hung out with some fun people then it was back to the hotel. I was summoned to go to a room that was a Ryche party. When I got there they showed me to the bathroom where they had filled the bathtub with ice and various beer and other alcohol. The next thing I know is that I am in a bathroom with about 40 girls…just kidding!!! (20)! People were getting buzzed and having fun so it was time for me to go to the next party, which was a quick one then, I retired.


Saturday September 6th 2006

House of blues

Chicago, IL

Scott Rock and I were picked up at 12:00 noon and were whisked away to our Sam Ash in store. We were both a little foggy from the night before. The store manager had some killer pizza and coffee for us…what a nice breakfast. We were greeted by a lot of Queensryche fans but what was really cool was a lot of younger kids showed up and were asking lots of questions. The store had only 1 of my signature guitars and it sold. The store manager was going to have me sign it and put it up on his wall with the other autographed guitars. The kids were asking me what guitar strings I use and I told them D’addario, so they went and bought some and I autographed them. The show was a cooker. It was a rowdy Saturday night crowd. My whip legion was giving me the metal all night. After the show we had a huge amount of people to meet. Some were my crazy relatives as well as my dad and brother. I talked with Mackenzie Phillips for a while then I made my way to the bus. I ran into a bunch of the cool Rycher fans and sadly said goodbye.



Sunday September 17th 2006
Emerald Theater
Mount Clemens, MI
I made a pact with my liver that I would take it easy for a few days. I saw the Hawkeye Internet guy and he invited me to the Ryche pre-show function but I sadly declined. We were all feeling a bit burned out from the carnage of three nights in Chicago.  But the show was amazing for a Sunday night crowd.  The Detroit die hards were there giving me the metal all night long.  The after show was really great and I met many cool Ryche fans as well as the Ryche heads that were following us. 


Tuesday September 19th 2006
Turning Stone Casino Resort
Verona, NY

I love this place except for the stale cigarette smell that I have to breathe all day.  And yes, they still do not have a license for alcohol.  But the show was as per usual, people sitting down at tables getting served food while your whip is giving it all.  I wonder if some of my sweat landed in their dinners? But since this is normal for this place you just have to imagine you’re in radio city music hall and go with it.  Yet still, it feels like I was playing at Denny’s.  The after show was very strange as people were lined up in a hallway and told to come stand by us as their pictures were taken by the manger of the backstage in a very quick and unorthodox fashion (you had to have been there). Then we hung out with some nice looking friends from the past.  I made it back to my room safely after a few games of roulette. 


Wednesday September 20th 2006
Hard Rock Café Promo Event
New York, NY

The Day started out with us traveling to a Harley dealership in up state New York where we all were to take pictures, meet some bikers and talk on the local radio station. Then the hustler girls showed up and we took some fun pictures with them and then it was off to the hard rock café in New York City for A private party sponsored by VH-1 Save The Music and Buell motorcycles. At the gig there were a few NFL players and a cast member from the hit show sopranos.  Also joining us was seven of the hustler women. The set that night was nothing but the hits and the crowd ate it up as your master unfolded his fury upon the crowd. During the performance of our hit song silent lucidity two of the hustler girls jumped up on stage and began to grind each other out of rhythm for a brief lesbian moment.  Geoff quickly escorted them off the stage during my guitar solo then Fozzy took our guests back out to the crowd and told them to behave or else.  The after show was attended by Paul crook of meatloaf and the ex bass player from the plasmatics as well as a host of industry friends. 


Thursday September 21st 2006
Nokia Theater Times Square
New York, NY

This day started out as a normal day where I was allowed to sleep in some.   I then walked around the streets of New York and took in some of the hustle and bustle of the city.  I unloaded lots of change on the local homeless.  I was then off to the Nokia theater for sound check.  Erik from vh-1 and some guys from Samson technologies were there to take pictures.  The show kicked ass as our New York crowd ate it up. 
Another after show was filled with industry people and I lost track of who was who.  Then I met up with mike from Dream Theater who was quite pleasant and enjoyed our show.  Afterwards I got invited to a Ryche tribute show at the BB king club.  When I got there I went straight to the bar and was mobbed by Queensryche fans.  What an honor this was.   I also met a cool nurse who stated she was one of my whiptresses.  I had to get out of there and ended up at the disco bar at the bottom of the w hotel with Fozzy and Erik.  They had a unisex restroom where an attendant pointed you into the correct stall and in that stall was a one-way mirror so while you were pissing you could view chicks putting on makeup and adjusting themselves.  In fact, some of these girls knew about these mirrors and kindly lifted up their skirts for a quick whip moment.  After that we went to jimmy’s around the corner for a nightcap.  


Friday September 22nd 2006
Nokia Theater
New York City, NY

This day started out with a big ass limousine waiting out side the hotel for Rock and I. We went around the corner to Sam Ash music store, which took about 20 minutes, probably 5 minutes if we walked. We signed for about an hour and I showed this dude from London the intro to empire on my signature guitar. Then Sam Ash supplied me with an acoustic guitar and a guitar butler named Sidney. We drove to Billboard magazine and played 4 songs for about 50 people some were photographers and journalist that I knew from the past. After that I went to the venue and hung out with various media people and friends. The show was an epic kick ass performance. I was definitely whipped after that one. The meet and greet was crowded with long time QR fans and motorcycle gang dudes as well as a few whiptresses. We then went back to the dressing room where I talked with Mackenzie again. Next was a radio session with Eddie Trunk. We chatted about everything from automatic weapons to Dream Theater. My day was done at 2:00 am.


Saturday September 23rd 2006
House Of Blues
Atlantic City, NJ

This was to be our first performance at this brand new house of blues. I was to perform a guitar clinic for some radio contest winners. They set me up on a stage in a large room next to the dressing rooms. They had all the right gear and a killer technician to run the cd player. I did not know what to expect so when the winners came in the room they were all kids except for 1 and they all had their guitars. Wow…I asked what they were told on the radio and they just said a private clinic with me. This is not what I usually do so I asked them what level of playing they were…Beginners!!! Oh boy!!! So I played a couple of tunes and showed them the easiest licks I know. That kind of got them going but they were a bit timid so I got each kid to come up on stage and plug into the loud Marshall of metal and strum their guitars and rock out. Well… I saw quite a few smiles and then we just chatted and I took some pictures and signed some autographs. Then after my clinic I met up with Jack Frost who designed a new amp with a company called FUCHS. It was a purple monster with Van Halen type tones; I can hardly wait to blast it in my studio. The show was cool but the stage was tight. It was a fun sold out show and one of the bigger HOB’s. Afterwards I went to the foundation room with a bunch of people. A fun time was had by all. When that bar closed we all ended up at a Ryche party in one of the other hotels Things got a bit foggy but I think I ran into Cameron Diaz… Probably not!!!


Monday September 25th 2006
Majestic Theater
San Antonio, TX

Scott and I were picked up this day by a big black shiny limousine for a M&G at a local Sam ash store.  The past Sam ash in-stores had small attendances due to lack of promotion so we figured this would be a quick in and out but when we got there the line of people was around the building.  We signed autographs for over two hundred fans, which lasted about two hours.  Both Scott and I completely ran out of our stack of 8x10 photos.  I bought a cheap acoustic guitar then we hopped back in the shiny black limo making our way back to the hotel just in time to check out.  When we sound checked at the majestic theater I could not believe what a cool theater this was.  When our show started I noticed that the first few rows were people at out in store today.  The One thing that I really noticed was all the cell phones up in the air.  I am sure there will be some live clips on soon.  The crowd was insanely loud for the encore of jet city women.  And afterwards it was a pleasure to meet such enthusiastic fans. 


Tuesday September 26th 2006
Houston, TX

First off for the day was a radio appearance in Austin Texas. Patrice the 7th runner up in the super nova contest was there with some bikers. My acoustic guitar was miked up but through the first 1 and a half songs the mic kept cutting out so the DJ leaned over and punched the microphone and it came back on. Then we drove to a Harley dealership and dropped off the motorcycle duo then it was off for a 3-hour drive to Houston. The tour manager informed me that the owner of the in-store I was supposed to do was wondering were I was. Apparently they did not get the memo from ESP so I was 3 hours late getting there. Well, there were still about 20 people hanging out so I whipped up my shtick and finished in time to get back to the dressing room where I found out I had a hair appointment. So I was gone across town to a cool salon. I got back in time for an exhausted sound check. By show time everyone was beat but the crowd was excellent as all Texas crowds are. One guy in the front row was getting into it so heavily that he forgot he had a beer in his hand and dowsed the front of the stage, and then I saw this hottie with what looked like a coke shirt but upon further scrutinization it said, “I enjoy cock”. The after show was packed and when I made my way to the bus there was another huge crowd cheering me on. Houston kicks ass!!!



Wednesday September 27th 2006
Nokia Theater
Grand Prairie, TX

Stone, GT and I were picked up at the venue around 9:30 a.m. for yet another acoustic radio station performance.  My driver was a hot blonde chick that took me to the radio station as GT and stone followed on their Buell motorcycles.  As my neck got a cramp in the car I realized that I knew her from the past but could not recall who when or why.  Then she told me about Amarillo Texas some time ago and my heart stopped beating.  I was then relived that she was with someone else.   We had an audience of about fifteen fans in a small room at the radio station.  I could tell that fatigue was starting to creep in because the one-liners in the interview were getting quite bizarre, all leading to sexual innuendos.  I received phone calls from my cousins in Dallas and got them on my guest list.  There were so many hot Texas whiptresses at this venue that I had to concentrate heavily on my performance more then theirs.  The after show was a frenzy of Ed bass relatives and guests.  I said goodbyes to my cousins and goodbye to the hot chick from the radio station.  On my way out I noticed that the venue had painted a huge wood mural of operation Mindcrime 2 to hang on the walls with all the other artists that had performed at Nokia. 


Friday September 29th 2006
The Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

An eight am wake up for stone, rock, GT and I to go to a radio station for a recorded acoustic performance and a short interview.  The DJ’s were witty and fun for that early in the morning.  We performed in a pretty cool studio and this was probably the best sounding acoustic performance that we have done on this tour.  We then went back to the hotel where I tried to get some sleep due to the scratchiness I had in my throat.  The extremely dry weather played a factor and also the night out before didn’t help either. We ended up hitting the purple martini bar where we knew the owner who had us picked up in a twenty-person hummer limo.  This limo was so cool with crazy lasers and a lighted dance floor; all that was missing was a brass pole.  The Fillmore was basically sold out and the crowd was intense as I recognized a few of my whiptresses trying desperately to get up to the front of the barrier which was very difficult due to the ferocious metal going on from the crowd. At the m&g I said goodbye to a few friends I had met at the purple martini and then back on the bus for a long ride to salt lake city. 


Saturday September 30th 2006
The Depot
Salt Lake City, UT

It was a beautiful day in Salt Lake City for a sold out show at the depot.  There was a cool outdoor mall behind the venue where I walked around and met an old friend of mine at the Mac store.  Then I hooked up with Paul muniz from Digitech.  He took me out for lunch at a Thai food restaurant.  Then stone, Geoff, and I went to a radio station and did a cool acoustic performance and interview for a few motorcycle dudes.  Back at the venue I realized that I was getting a cold that was going around our tour bus.  So for the performance I was a bit out of it for the first song as the snot was flowing out as I thrashed about.  Don’t worry I dried up, cleaned up and drank a can of red bull and then felt normal once again.  I had some amazingly hot whiptresses in the front row as well as some serious hard rocking metal dudes.  We have not been to Salt Lake City for some time so the crowd was intense and crazy.  After the show I met four sisters and their two cousins all as hot as the next one all looking the same (?). I don’t quite remember but I think I signed a couple of their Asses and then I said goodbye and went to get some sleep.


Sunday October 1st 2006
Kiva Auditorium
Albuquerque, NM

After a long drive from Denver, we arrived at kiva auditorium.  We were then taken to the rock radio station for an acoustic performance live on the air.  The lovely Erica who we had met the last time we were here greeted us.  We played in a room for about twenty guests and contest winners.  We jammed out four tunes and answered a bunch of questions and then took pictures with the fans.  I asked what time it was and realized I was two hours late for my clinic.  So my driver whisked me away to grandma’s music store.  I was greeted by about fifty fans and shredded away for a hour.  I then signed autographs and took pictures until the store closed. When I got to the venue I was exhausted, as I had not eaten all day except a piece of toast and coffee.  The first set went great but I was feeling pretty run down so for the second set stone, rock and I took some extra strength Excedrin. Needless to say I had an amazing second set and encore.  The only problem was that I was jacked all night from the caffeine.  So I watched a whole movie on my ipod all night and finally got to sleep at around four a.m. 


Monday October 2nd 2006
Dodge Theater
Phoenix, AZ

The Day started out with an acoustic performance at some radio station in mesa, AZ. We start the interview and all of a sudden live on the air we get howling feedback. Stone and I look at each other as we have headphones on so we take them off but the howling continues during Geoff’s interview. The tech’s rush into the room and try to fix the problem, but nothing works. Finally the DJ realizes that he has his headphones on too loud…. Is this bong hit radio or what? So we manage to get two acoustic songs out of the DJ with no howling hassles. When the interview was over, stone says to me “when I was strumming my guitar my thumb was getting caught in my fucking pocket” Then all of a sudden, the other DJ’s from outside the room came in yelling that we were still live on AIR… THAT WAS CLASSIC. ON THE WAY OUT OF THE RADIO STATION I ACCIDENTLY KNOCKED MY FULL CUP OF COFFEE OVER ON THE floor when I was putting my acoustic guitar away. That ended up being PAR FOR THE morning. THE SHOW WAS AN EPIC PERFORMANCE. THE DODGE THEATRE SOUNDED SO DAMN GOOD, IT WAS UNCANNY. I HAD THE PERFECT pair OF BREASTS BOUNCING IN RHYTHM THE WHOLE NIGHT. I WAS MESMERIZED. THE AFTER SHOW WAS COOL, DAVE ELFESEN, (EX-MEGADEATH) BASS PLAYER hung OUT WITH ME AND STONE THE REST OF THE NIGHT. THE FANS WERE AMAZING AND PHOENIX ROCKED.


Wednesday October 4th 2006
San Diego, CA

Sunny San Diego is where everyone wants to live, and I can see why. it is beautiful here. The gig was like the last time we were here, very quiet!!! My on stage volume was louder than the PA.  The show was outside and it was a pleasant temperature to play in. I have to say I saw so many beautiful women in the audience that I had an inner smile all night. The after show was very cool. We said hello to a group of military men getting ready to ship off to Iraq. Some of the fans said it was not loud enough in the back rows. still it is a cool gig.


Thursday October 5th 2006
Gibson Amphitheatre
Universal City, CA

The day started with Rock and I, heading out to in-store at a Sam Ash somewhere in the valley. I went with my ESP guitar rep Allen Steelgrave and we got lost in the valley driving through endless suburban neighborhoods. We had a good turn out and met a lot of cool fans. I then split with Allen to the ESP guitar Factory where I met everyone and talked with the head guy Matt about a new signature model. I then went back to the venue for a sound check with Ronnie James Dio. He sounded incredible!!! Before the show I met bass player Rudy Sarzo. I had an incredible show. I had so much room to move and thrash about which is great for Mindcrime 1. The second set was just as good for me especially the song with Dio. When he started singing he took command of the place. Everyone stood and cheered wildly for the legend. We also filmed the song for the future. Afterwards I was stoked from the show. I went to Dio’s dressing room and took some pictures. I also met his wife Wendy who was very sweet. Dio talked about doing this again but including some old Sabbath songs like Neon Knights and Kill the King. The after show got crazy as I hit all the different VIP rooms. Joey Vera was there as well as a host of other cool people. I did meet and take a picture with 2 severe Whiptresses. They are a pair of hot porn stars that my friend Erik brought to the show. One was named Julia Ann. I then made my way to the bus as I was exhausted.


Friday October 6th 2006
House of Blues
Las Vegas

Scotty Rock and I had an in store appearance at Sam Ash. This was to be our last one for this leg of the tour. We had a nice crowd of about a 100. We took the limo back to the Mandalay bay and chilled until sound check. The show in LA sucked a lot of energy out of us so we were feeling it. The show was like clockwork. Afterwards we met with a lively bunch of fans in one of the bars. I signed a few guitars and met Jessica from Seymour Duncan Pickups. I then went up to the foundation room, which a group of fans had reserved for us. I took some pictures and chatted with our fans, some were whiptresses!!! We all left Las Vegas feeling a bit buzzed.


Saturday October 7th 2006
Pechanga Casino
Temecula, CA

I think we all woke up a little foggy from the night before. I had no clue where we were but it seemed like a nice place. I chilled out all day in my hotel room watching college football. At sound check it sounded incredible like playing in a studio. The show was really fun to play, and it was a challenge as well. During suite sister Mary the lighting rig took a dump so I played ¾ of the song in the dark. The after show was cool; I got to see my old tech Mikey V as well as my Hughes and Kettner west coast rep Joey Allen. We had a long drive so we had to leave early. We had to get to a radio gig so there was no gambling that night.


Sunday October 8th 2006
Konocti Harbor Resort
Kelseyville, CA

After a 10-hour drive I awoke in the parking lot of another radio station. This time it was an active rock station… Hooray!!! There were about 25 contest winners and a buffet brunch for us, which I knew nothing about. We just chatted with everyone until it was time to perform on the trusty acoustics. We slammed 3 tunes then did a radio interview which was quite spontaneous. I then got in the radio van with Scott the DJ and his wife and it was off to a Starbucks then up the mountain, which had a crazy windy road. Scott the DJ was really cool. He was surprised when I told him who the singer is for Soulbender. My Sisters Machine was one of his favorite bands. The show was as usual, a dinner theater QR show? The crowd got very wild for a sit down audience. The after show party was fun but to short for us to do any damage. There was a glass vodka fortress on the bar begging for attention and the Whip was drooling to dive in but it never happened. Thanks for the party bag you all!!!


Tuesday October 10th 2006
House Of Blues
Anaheim, CA

After a crazy night off the whip was a bit foggy but once we got through security with the bus I chilled out and had some Archie’s Ice cream. Archie had his trailer set up in the back parking lot, which was filled with autographs inside on the walls. The first set was blazing and the crowd was in rare form. I noticed in front of me a whiptress that was a bit out of control (But in a good way.) She was getting into the music so much that she was fondling her self and exposing various parts of her body almost as if she was on an ecstasy experience. It was difficult to keep a straight face then this dude behind her started to get in on the fun! I pretty much had a sex show in front of me by the 4th song. The set went great and I had my friend angelwing taking photos the whole night. The 2nd set was more of the same; she had to be on ecstasy. I rocked every area of that small stage and had a great encore. Afterwards at the M&G I met a host of whiptresses and a bunch of really drunk fans. I had a great time and partied for a little while then it was good night for the Whip



October 11th 2006

The Warfield
San Francisco, CA

The morning started with the bus parked in front of the venue, which is in a dodgy part of town. I witnessed 3 crack deals in ½ hour. They were using our bus as a shield so the transactions were fast and seamless. The dealers kept walking back and forth and I recognized them because they were shaking and one had her eyebrow burned off and the dude had his lip completely scorched. It was great to be back in my hometown…Yeah!!! The show was killer. I had my Rycher friends in the front and they whipped up a poster that said “welcome home whip” That made my night!!! The crowd was so supportive and during the encore GT made a special announcement to the crowd that this was my hometown…how cool was that!!! After the show we did our M&G then one of the assistants working there took Stone and me into the catacombs of the place. Apparently this used to be a speakeasy with hidden rooms for gambling and storing alcohol. They have all the old art work still preserved on the walls and as well, to top it off they have a ghost that mysteriously visits the place around 4:00 am every morning. Pretty cool!!!



Thursday October 12th 2006
The Roseland Theater
Portland, OR

Portland is a really cool trendy city to hang out in. In fact I have known a few people who have relocated from Seattle to live here. We were picked up by someone from the local radio station and shown that it would be a pre-recorded acoustic set for a select live audience. The room sounded very nice and the tuning room was decked out for us. We were stoked to play when they called us to the room but this time they had a light show we started to play the first song and GT forgot the words so we started again and chugged through the first song. The lights were a yellow hue that was canceling out my fret board so I was trying my hardest to find my way on my guitar. The performance went well then we signed autographs with the audience and then took pictures with the dj’s then we said our goodbyes. The venue is pretty except for the fact that there is a big black pole on stage left. My Soulbender bass player showed up with a couple of hotties and the one that was a contortionist gave the guys a private showing. The show was a smoky blazing set; there were a bunch of people that drove down from Seattle that I noticed in the audience. I thought that it was a great show after the show Ed Bass’s guest drank all our alcohol. We partied a bit then it was off to Seattle for a morning off at home.


Friday October 13th 2006
"Mindcrime at the Moore"
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA

It was a busy day and not much time to be at home. I had to blaze to the Moore Theater early to go through lighting and filming set-ups there was a lot of confusion as to how the show was to be recorded. There was the blue thunder drum brigade that was to join us on anarchy x and the end of Eyes Of A Stranger. There was also Greg Watermann the photographer there to shoot the three days. Sound check went relatively smooth and everyone was in good spirits. When show time neared I began to get the jitters, which is a good thing because it raises my awareness level. The first chord hit and the sound of the blue thunder drum brigade blew my ears out. I had to really concentrate because they were not hitting all the pushes in the end of the Anarchy X line. The rest of the show went great for me even though I was working on limited sleep. The rest of the guys had an OK performance but I think they were just being hypercritical. The after show was a blitz of fans I had seen through out this tour. The rest of the night was glorious as I finally got to sleep in my home bed.  


Saturday October 14th 2006
"Mindcrime at the Moore"
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA

After a somewhat good night sleep the day began to get very busy for me. I noticed that my body was very sore due to the scheduling of 6 shows in a row. Anyway, on my way driving to Seattle I took a corner with another car and we both slid over a lane at the same time!!!…Wow, that woke me up! The sound check was busy with the cameramen trying to stay out of our way. I knew this would be a problem since they did not know our music or our stage show. The first set was a bit rough. I had issues with my monitor mix for the first few songs then it smoothed out and the rest of the first set went well for me. The second set started out great then on the 3rd song I disappeared. The cameraman for Scott kicked out all my electrical connections so missed half of the song. The rest of the set was great. I saw so many Ryche heads out in the audience, which was very loud and supportive. After the show we had another meet & Greet with about 30 people. I was very tired and left the venue and hooked up with my family and friends for a late night dinner. I was dreading the breakfast tomorrow.


Sunday October 15th 2006
"Mindcrime at the Moore"
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA

The first order of business was a brunch for charity at the Edgewater hotel. There were about 20 tables with Ryche fans at each one. We had to sit and talk with everyone then take pictures. I think everyone was fine for the first 2 hours but then I found myself having to drink cupfuls of coffee to stay alert. By the time I got out of there it must have been about a 4-hour meet and greet. When I got to sound check I was really feeling tired and mentally drained. Everyone was severely burned out so the red bulls were flowing by Showtime. The 1st set started and the drum core was loud as hell but they played the march much better this time. By the 2nd song my mix had changed and I had more technical problems as well as running into my camera dude a few times. I powered through the set on pure adrenalin. Afterwards the meet and greet was just another group of new fans and die-hards. Everyone was beat up. I made it home with my son Jazz keeping me awake while drove to our place of sanity. The whip was whipped!!!


Tuesday October 17th 2006
Reno Hilton Theater
Reno, NV

We flew into Reno the day of the show I remember sleeping the whole flight. When we got to the venue I saw the David Copperfield magic 747 plane that disappeared before millions of peoples eyes on television. The wings fold up and the plane disappears into the floor, which is a huge sinking stage that goes underground very fast. This was one of the largest sound stages I have ever seen.
There was no barricade so the crowd rushed the stage and leaned up against the video cameras causing them to get disconnected through out the show. I had one hottie in front of me that got so excited. She managed to take her panties off and throw them on my pedal board. I do say I was quite surprised. Then a little bit later she threw me her bra!!! During the 2nd set the crowd began to get a little bit out of hand. Drunk, spaced out dudes began to jump up on stage and do silly things. During the song “Change” I looked up and there was a dude praying to the crowd during the church seen. Finally the security began to kick these kids off the stage but it definitely ruined some of the show for some of the audience. Afterwards we were invited to some after hour parties in a suite in the adjoining hotel. I never made it because I was drained, what a bummer!!!


Wednesday October 18th 2006
The big easy
Boise, ID

The drive to Boise was smooth and the weather was surprisingly nice. The big easy is a quaint place to play that usually has a pretty wild crowd. During sound check my rig was doing some unusual stuff but it was fixed by Showtime. When the show started I recognized in the audience some people from the Seattle shows. The crowd was pretty wild with young college girls getting on top of rocker dudes shoulders. Everyone was definitely having a good time and everyone was definitely into both Mindcrime albums. During the second set I noticed a couple of whiptress hotties from the Salt Lake City show. That was pretty cool to see them again.


Thursday October 19th 2006
The Big Easy
Spokane, WA

I woke up to the first rainy gray day in a long time. GT Stone and I took off to a local radio station for an acoustic gig. This station was a privately owned radio, that means they can play any format they want and they happen to play hard rock and metal and they have very high ratings without the help of a clear channel. The dj was very cool and gave us a ride back to the venue where we were just in time for some food then a sound check. The show went great except for an issue with my line 6 variax on “Mission”. The crowd was a great ambitious bunch and was very loud for a Thursday night. The meet and greet was low key and so was I.


Friday October 20th 2006
Wilma Theater
Missoula, MT

Today started out with an acoustic performance at the local active rock station. We played 3 tunes and talked about meth labs. We then went to a Harley Davidson dealership in a big hummer limo. On the way we tried to go through a Starbucks, which was pretty funny. The crowd at the dealership was very sparse though everyone was very cool to have us there. I looked at a bunch of bikes but nothing really grabbed me like the one in Pompano, FL. Upon leaving one of the workers and her daughter requested that we perform Silent Lucidity for a loss in there family. I said it was a possibility. We then went back to the theater and rested until it was time for the next acoustic gig. This time it was at the local classic rock station. The engineer had left the building to hit happy hour at the corner tavern so there was not enough microphones to play are usual way. And the dj was a bit yakity, but we had a fun time anyway. Back at the theater I went to go take a shower but there wasn’t any in the building, in fact the downstairs backstage area was a bit old and used. Doors were made either from curtains or plywood. The stage was a nice size and it sounded great. The show was surprisingly awesome; the crowd really got into it. I had some very cool fans in front of me and some unusual ones as well. As this was the last show of the leg and our first time in Missoula we played a 3-song encore; Silent Lucidity, Empire and Jet City Woman. I saw the lady from the Harley store and she had tears in her eyes. She was very sweet and blew me a kiss. The after show was a glorious thank you; yes we need a break to clear our minds. So the master will be back with a vengeance for the 2nd leg of the tour.